Hard-core 4-track Noise Jams


Once upon a time... In a closet far far away...  

Derek and Dustin met in 2001 during a study-abroad program at Tokyo International University, in Saitama, Japan. Sharing similar taste in eclectic music and 4-Track tape, they combined forces along with members of the "Tiny Love" Mellow Dolphin Jazz Orchestra to conduct hardcore 4-track tape experiments. Since graduating, the Summer of 2002 would see the two reunite again, this time on home turf on the West Coast (USA), to further experiments into the 4-Track realm.

The band has been on hiatus since 2002, but still look forward to future collaboration. Derek has since gone on to become a forerunner in the circuit bending phenomenon sweeping the world, as well as full-time underground DJ through pseudo name, Dr. Rek.

Dustin has also continued his musical plights through the conglomeration of Tingle Finger Recordings, and still resides in Tokyo to this day.

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