Smoke-Free Class of 2000

Too Smart to Start, Too Cool to Smoke


Once upon a time, when the class of 2000 was only in kindergarden...

They were all brought together in the park and given special "Smoke-Free Class of 2000" yellow shirts. The children were told, "You are the future! When you graduate high school in the year 2000, the world will be smoke free!" But we all know what really became of these young kids...

And this is where Smoke-Free the band comes in, bringing truth and music to the "smoke-free" generation...

Smoke-Free Class of 2000 is:

  • Mailo Arsac - Vocals

  • Ben Beck - Vocals

  • Peter "Burns" Grossman - Vocals

  • Lowell Lefors - Lyrics

  • Dustin Wasserman - Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar etc.