Side Show Bob

Southern Oregon Doom Stoner Metal


Side Show Bob (1995) - TF021


Some bands transcend simply being noisemakers, and become shamanic figures, conducting the audience through a multi-song trance. Side Show Bob, was such a band. Despite hailing from a small, rural, Oregon town of Ashland, the band routinely drew audiences in the thousands to see its shows; mesmerizing combinations of doom, hardcore, and stage theatrics. The songs swung back and forth from nightmarish and hypnotic drum and bass grooves to frenzied walls of distorted guitar riffs, as the band blew fire, re-enacted the prom scene from Carrie, and doused its audiences in sweat and fake blood. Side Show Bob’s elevation of what independent music could look and sound like inspired the launch of countless Southern Oregon bands, many of whom learned to play from the iconic riffs on their one and only album. It represents a time and a sound that has been oft-imitated, but was too singular to last or to ever be truly replicated. Originally released in 1995, before the advent of streaming, Tingle Finger is happy to re-release this self-titled musical relic for the first time being available online and to continue the legacy that was, Side Show Bob. Available now on and everywhere else on March 1, 2023

Side Show Bob are: